Send a Gift of Wild Alaskan Fish for the Holidays

You are welcome to call Otolith and place an order to be shipped directly to your home.

You may place a custom order or choose one of Otolith’s (2) Specially Designed convenient Gift Packages.

Package #1  - Wild Salmon Sampler: 3.33 sockeye, 3.33 coho and 3.33 king salmons; 10 lb total [avg. wt 3/4 lb or less per portion]

Package #2  – Wild Fish Sampler: 2.50 halibut, 3.25 king salmon and 1.75 sablefish; 8 lb total [avg. wt 3/4 lb or less per portion]

Call 215-426-4266 you place your Order and speak with an Otolith reprsentative.

  • Overnight Delivery fee depends on location (USP/USPS): usually $30 or less per package
  • No handling fee
  • We will ship within 48 hours of your paid order.
  • We accept Credit, Paypal, or Check.
  • Greeting Card & Message available for no additional charge
  • All species will be shipped with frozen gel packs, wrap, styrofoam, and installated box to ensure quality.
  • Otolith will contact the recipient prior to shipping and confirm availability of receipt
  • Call 215 426 4266 to place your order. Monday & Friday 9 am – 6 pm.  If you get Otolith’s voicemail, please leave a message including your phone number and Otolith will return your call within 24 hours.

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