host an event

If you are hosting an event at your home or office whereas Otolith is invited to attend and discuss Otolith’s products and services, then you may be eligible to receive a complimentary prepared seafood or service provided by Otolith at your event.  First you must invite Otolith to attend your event at least one month in advance.  Your invitation may be received either buy email, phone or written invitation.  If an RSVP is available Otolith will accept or decline to attend your event.  Before Otolith accepts your invitation, you will need to define the terms of Otolith’s attendance at your event.  Terms may include: a table to be provided for Otolith to display brochures, products and promotional items, table signage and/or name tags to identify Otolith to your guests, permission to sell products and services,  permission to use your kitchen or cooking facility area, permission to use your wait staff to serve complimentary prepared seafood provided by Otolith, complimentary open bar or buffet service, complimentary email notifications  to all invited guests that mention Otolith’s website, anticipated attendance, or contribution to your event, and/or free advertising in a paper or magazine.  When Otolith accepts your invitation, based on your terms, a proposed complimenatary prepared seafood package will be submitted to you via email at least one week prior to your event.  Please give us a call if you require more notice. 

Otolith is a family owned and operated business.   We work hard at what we do and we also enjoy getting to know the people with whom we share our community and appreciation of the finest sustainable seafood available.  If you are inviting Otolith to attend your event, please know that we are pleased by your consideration.  Unfortunately, there are times when Otolith must delcine to accept an invitation and decline to provide a complimenatry product or service.  Please accept my assurance, Otolith does not discriminate against individuals or businesses based on any perceivable distiction.  It is Otolith’s policy to welcome the opportunity to expand Otolith’s relationship to others and businesses within PA, NJ, DE, MD and NY.  Otolith’s brochures and CSS Enrollment Forms can be mailed to you upon request for your event at no charge to you.  Email requests to: or call 215-426-4266.


Amanda Bossard, Managing Owner

Otolith Sustainable Seafood