Coho Wild Salmon Continues to Capture EU Markets

August 29, 2017 in Products, Slideshow

For centuries longer [than the US] entire nations have depended on their wild seafood resources while their cultures have developed to reflect its importance nutritionally and culturally.   Wild coho salmon remains an abundant wild salmon of the North Pacific and European markets enjoy its considerably lower cost compared to sockeye and king salmons.

One of the reasons why coho is less likely to appear in American grocery store fish counters or freezers is because many Americans are less familiar with coho than other wild salmon species. Another reason may be volume.  Because volume matters most when selling wholesale food commodities managed annually by way of seasonal harvest guidelines and regulations, US processors of wild salmon routinely prioritize their sales according to the size of the market; price is a secondary priority for perishable seafood commodities with annually strong harvests.

Western European buyers seem to prefer wild to farm raised salmon in response to consumer demand for superior quality.

In Southeast Alaska, 2017 Coho harvest remains open through September 15th.  The price is higher this year than last year but remains lower than sockeye and king salmon.  Coho abundance is strong and coho is a rich delicious wild salmon comparable to king salmon in size, color and omega-3 fatty acids. Some US grocery retailers are adding wild coho salmon to their available seafood selection. Otolith sources wild coho salmon and delivers our superior quality sushi-grade, low impact harvest portions throughout PA, NYC, NJ and DE.

If you prefer wild to farm raised salmon and your favorite grocery store does not yet offer wild coho salmon, then you may purchase directly from Otolith Sustainable Seafood; coho portions [approx 3/4 - 1 lb] are $16.50/lb.  Otolith delivery options explained at

For a better source of omega-3′s than sockeye and a better price than king salmon, call or email Otolith Sustainable Seafood to increase your access to superior wild coho salmon.

Community Supported Seafood OPEN Programs

August 28, 2017 in Seasonal Wild Catch, Slideshow

Every fall, Alaskan fisheries for halibut, sablefish, rockfish, sidestripe shrimp and spot prawns are open for harvest.  Otolith sources these wonderful wild species in season and distributes superior seafood to our wholesale clients.  Through Community Supported Seafood [CSS] individuals can enjoy pre-sale prices for 10 lbs or more plus FREE delivery.  To purchase your 10 lbs share of wild fish and shellfish for the CSS 2017 Fall harvest email or visit  Otolith proudly distributes for Community Supported Seafood because we value wild low impact fisheries and their harvesters!

Clockwise from Left: spot prawns, sablefish, rockfish, halibut and sidestripe shrimp

Ordering Seafood

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For delivery to your door, email or call 215-426-4266.  Your order request will be returned within 72 hours and the next available Tuesday or Thursday delivery date will be provided. Most orders deliver the following week.

Otolith’s Delivery Service has scheduled distribution routes throughout PA, NJ, DE and NYC.

All other orders shall be shipped overnight via Fed Ex or UPS.

All Major Credit Cards Accepted

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Minimum Order

Minimum Purchase Requirement for FREE Home Delivery:
Philadelphia – $100 or $10 delivery fee applies
PA Suburbs – $150 or $15 delivery fee applies
South NJ – $150 or $15 delivery fee applies
North NJ – $250 or $25 delivery fee applies
NYC – $250 or $25 delivery fee applies                                                                                                                 DE – $125 or $12 delivery fee applies

Otolith requires a minimum purchase of 20 lbs. for all orders being shipped overnight.  Blast-frozen sushi grade fish will stay frozen when properly insulated and temperature controlled using frozen gel packs.  Shipping fish less than 20 lbs. substantially increases the amount of frozen gel packs necessary to assure frozen quality and sushi grade fish.  In the interest of our customers, we prefer that all orders to ship overnight must purchase a minimum of 20 lbs. unless authorization is provided via email to assure for the payment and the use of sufficient gel packs necessary to maintain quality and frozen delivery.

Overnight Shipments

Email or call 215-426-4266.  Your order request will be returned within 72 hours.  Orders placed Monday-Thursday will ship the following week on Thursday.  Orders placed by Friday-Sunday will ship on the first available Thursday.  All fish deliveries arrive the next day or overnight and are packaged by Otolith to arrive frozen.  You may request a specific future Thursday shipment date to assure the arrival of your fish on the Friday of your convenience.  You may designate a shipping preference for either Fed Ex or UPS.  Additional overnight shipping charges shall apply.

Overnight Shipping Charges

Shipping charges are calculated using the least expense overnight guaranteed ground service or air freight service available plus a $5 handling fee.  The $5 handling fee will be waived for any CSS member’s purchase to be shipped overnight delivery.



Thawing and Cooking

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20 Minute Quick Thaw

Otolith’s Quick Thaw© Directions*

Always puncture, cut or release vacuum seal of fresh/frozen Otolith sustainable seafood before thawing.  Thaw your seafood while in its specifically designed pouch.  Use a sharp knife to make a very small puncture in the top corner of the pouch. [Note: USDA Safe Defrosting Methods]

Place punctured pouch in clean warm water.   Do not allow the warm water to get into the protective pouch.  Replace warm water after 10 minutes .  Most fillets take 20 minutes to thaw.  Filets larger than 3/4 inch thick may take longer.

Otolith’s fish is sushi-grade and may be eaten raw up to 6 hours only after it has been thawed using Otolith’s Quick Thaw© directions and provided it is kept dry and stored between 34-40 degrees using refrigeration to control the temperature of your sushi-grade fish. 

Raw fish and sushi may be served for up to 2 hours on pre-chilled plates using frozen gel packs beneath the plates to control the plate temperature while serving.  Using gel packs to control the temperature of raw fish reduces the the amount of time raw fish will remain safe for consumption.  Do not eat raw fish that has been improperly handled or stored.

Refrigerated Thaw: place open pouch in clean bowl and allow to set in refrigerator for 5-8 hours to thaw depending on the thickness of the seafood.  Thicker fillets or whole fish may take longer.

To enjoy the superior quality and fresh taste of Otolith premium seafood, please consume within 3 days of thawing seafood.  Nonetheless, Otolith’s sustainable seafood once thawed will remain safe to cook and eat for up to 7 days.  While fillets and shellfish may be rinsed with cold water and pat dry with a clean towel before cooking, never soak seafood directly in water.  Always thaw in pouch or open air and remember to cut the pouch and release the vacuum seal prior to thawing.

Cooking Directions – Cutting portions before cooking can prevent over cooking thinner pieces provided you remove thinner portions of cooked seafood from the heat source once cooked.  Cook fillets at 400 degrees for 10 minutes per inch of thickness.  Most pieces take 6-8 minutes.  Cut into portions before cooking; cutting seafood into portions before cooking does not reduce the quality of your premium Otolith fish or shellfish provided you make clean cuts using a sharp knife.  For more specific cooking tips and directions, please use the products drop down menu to visit the specific page for each species of fish or shellfish.

*Recommended by Otolith not the USDA.  Otolith LLP, Community Supported Seafood LLC, their affiliates and/or heirs are not responsible for the improper use of Otolith’s Quick Thaw© technique.  Otolith’s Rapid Thaw© technique was designed to allow for the highest quality and safest consumption of sushi grade raw fish and cooked seafood.  Proper use of Otolith’s Quick Thaw© only allows for the safe consumption of raw fish for no more than 6 hours provided the fish once thawed is continually stored under refrigeration temperatures between 34-38°.  Improper handling of Quick Thaw© fish or shellfish will reduce the amount of time that fish can safely be eaten raw.  Example:  Sushi rolls served on a chilled plate without gel packs should be eaten within 40 minutes or discarded.  All raw fish should be held at a controlled temperature [34-40°] to sufficiently inhibit the growth of dangerous bacteria and other micro-organisms.