Community Supported Seafood OPEN Programs

August 28, 2017 in Seasonal Wild Catch

Every fall, Alaskan fisheries for halibut, sablefish, rockfish, sidestripe shrimp and spot prawns are open for harvest.  Otolith sources these wonderful wild species in season and distributes superior seafood to our wholesale clients.  Through Community Supported Seafood [CSS] individuals can enjoy pre-sale prices for 10 lbs or more plus FREE delivery.  To purchase your 10 lbs share of wild fish and shellfish for the CSS 2017 Fall harvest email or visit  Otolith proudly distributes for Community Supported Seafood because we value wild low impact fisheries and their harvesters!

Clockwise from Left: spot prawns, sablefish, rockfish, halibut and sidestripe shrimp