Seafood Gift Packages

April 26, 2012 in Slideshow

All shipments are packaged to stay frozen for up to 24 hours

Otolith ships Seafood Gift Packages to arrive the next day to you in perfect condition.  Available couriers include UPS, Fed Ex and Otolith’s Delivery Service.

Ordering Seafood Gift Packages

Email or call 215-426-4266.  Your order request will be returned within 24 hours.  Orders placed Monday-Thursday will ship the following week on Thursday.  Orders placed by Friday-Sunday will ship on the first available Thursday.  All fish deliveries arrive the next day or overnight and are packaged by Otolith to arrive frozen.  You may request a specific future Thursday shipment date to assure the arrival of your fish on the Friday of your convenience.  You may designate a shipping preference for either Fed Ex or UPS.

Overnight Shipping Charges

Shipping charges are calculated using the least expense overnight guaranteed ground service available plus a $5 handling fee.  Based on an average order weight of 7 lbs plus packaging, most shipments cost $20 to ship within PA, NJ, DE, and NY.  Shipment delivered outside of PA, NJ, DE, and NY will be sent express overnight air and will cost more.  The $5 handling fee will be waived for any CSS member’s purchase to be shipped overnight delivery

Minimum Order

Otolith requires a minimum purchase of 7 lbs for all orders being shipped overnight.  Blast-frozen sushi grade fish will stay frozen when properly insulated and temperature controlled using frozen gel packs.  Shipping fish less than 7lbs substantially increases the amount of frozen gel packs necessary to assure frozen quality and sushi grade fish.  In the interest of our customers, we prefer that all orders to ship overnight must purchase a minimum of 7lbs unless written authorization is provided via email to assure for the payment and the use of sufficient gel packs necessary to quality and frozen delivery.