2013 Summer’s Sockeye

October 24, 2013 in Recipe, Seasonal Wild Catch

Otolith’s 2013 harvested wild sockeye from Southeast’s Petersburg Alaska vicinity is packaged in average weight 1 pound vacuum sealed packs.  In your home freezer it will maintain its quality for up to two months and under the careful storage and handling of Otolith’s professional  staff our wild sockeye may be enjoyed for months to come and throughout the new year.

Nothing is simpler and more satisfying that pan seared sockeye with lemon and olive oil dressed cabbage salad.


1 lb sockeye – cut into 1/3 portions

1/2 -1/4 head of finely sliced cabbage

Juice of one fresh lemon

1 tsp of grape-seed oil for searing

3 Tbs of evoo

salt and pepper to taste


Add grape-seed oil to preheated skillet, med to high heat.   Place sockeye salmon fillet skin up in hot oil, cover and sear for three minutes until fillet portions flip easily.  Cover again and cook for an additional 5 minutes on the skin side down.  Meanwhile, combine most of the lemon juice, cabbage, EVOO, and salt and pepper, reserving some lemon juice to serve over cooked fillets just before serving.  Do not over cook sockeye.  Remove from heat immediately after total cooking time of 8 minutes and allow fillet portions to rest for up to 4 minutes.  Pour reserved lemon juice over cooked fillet portions while resting.