Community Supported Seafood is at N3RD

July 30, 2014 in Events

A N3RD St Farm Market View

Beginning now, Otolith has CSS  Program Memberships for Wild Sockeye and Wild Coho Salmon harvesting now in Southeast Alaska and available for distribution for the first time at North 3rd Street Farm Market.  If you live in Old City and shop at the local N3RD Farm Market on Tuesday Nights then CSS is how you can get your wild salmon.  Distribution begins in September when the harvest arrives to Philadelphia; every First Tuesday Otolith will be at N3RD.

You must join now to receive wild salmon at N3RD in September.  The harvest season is now and Otolith is buying fish now for you.  Use the CSS Enrollment Form to join now.  The benefits of eating wild salmon are familiar to many, but did you know how easy it is to cook wild salmon, how little time and energy it takes to go from raw to ready, and did you know that every piece of your superior wild salmon will be harvested and handled by low impact harvesters that rely on your continued support of the culture and value of commercial fishing?


Otolith has created an Event on Yelp to promote Community Supported Seafood.

You can support sustainable commercial harvesters and the agents of change that source their wild fish for you by Joining CSS now!  And by sharing your questions, thoughts and recipes regarding sustainable seafood resources with Otolith on Facebook @ .  Lets make room in our budget, lifestyle and values to maintain a culture that appreciates and honors wild fish in all of its extraordinary inherent abundance, and create a new cultural awareness that courageously learns from its past and innovates with compassion for the future of sustainable seafood resources.