Halibut $29.99/lb

December 31, 2019 in Products

Contact Otolith to place an order today for your home delivery of superior wild seafood. Retail Price Halibut $29.99/lb

Or spend less and get more with Community Supported Seafood.  CSS 2022 spring halibut harvest $25/lb is available for delivery and includes discounted access to responsible harvest wild seafood every season with every minimum 10 lbs order plus free delivery! Otolith connects your power with our knowledge and uses our combined interest to generously support the harvesters who work on our behalf.

It feels wonderful to eat superior wild seafood and enjoy the convenience of having it available in your freezer ready to be cooked at your convenience.  The taste is better than fresh.  Its First Fresh Cut™ and sushi grade.  The powerful omega-3’s naturally present in all of Otolith’s wild seafood will improve the health of your body on a cellular level.  You may experience increased quality of life associated with being satisfied, receiving the nutrients your body craves, and having friends who want to have dinner at your house.