Halibut is In!

May 22, 2013 in Seasonal Wild Catch

Otolith’s  hook and line Halibut, harvested May 4th is available now, a mere 20 days since its harvest by way of conventional longliner fishing vessel, “Sarah Dawn”.

Halibut is managed across the North Pacific by the IPHC. Nonetheless, Otolith takes special care to purchase 40-60 lb. fish that are less likely to carry higher levels of heavy metals which can accumulate in older, larger fish over time as they age. Additionally, the 40-60 lb. Halibut are more likely to be reproductively mature and more likely to have reproduced successfully.

It’s time to begin enjoying the mild, sweet taste and firm texture of wild-caught Pacific Halibut.  The largest flatfish, Halibut adapts to various cooking methods and because of strong management of Halibut fisheries, Otolith’s delicious fish is an excellent and versatile, sustainable seafood selection.

Some of the preferred methods of cooking Halibut include Grilling, Baking, Broiling, Deep Frying and Pan Searing. In the coming weeks, check out our blog for some of our favorite Halibut recipes to help you to enjoy your catch throughout the spring and summer!