Halibut that Tastes as Fresh as it Looks, $25/lb

November 21, 2013 in Recipe

Otolith sells the best halibut in the tri-state area.  Owing to the size of our company, we do not carry halibut inventory from a previous season.  Otolith’s halibut is always the most recent harvested fish on the market.  Because halibut is so lean any amount of dehydration from halibut stored in excess of 6 months can be detected by almost anyone who eats fish.  Older, even the most carefully handled, halibut will taste less moist after 6 months of frozen storage.

In addition to purchasing halibut from Otolith Sustainable Seafood, another way to maintain the moist fresh taste of halibut is to avoid over cooking halibut.  One simple technique for cooking halibut evenly without drying it out is to cut the fillet into portions before cooking it.  Ex. When cooking a boneless skinless 1 lb piece of halibut that is more than 3/4 inch thick, cut the fillet into 3/4 inch thick medalions before cooking.  Each medalian will cook uniformly and evenly using high heat, a bit of oil, and limiting the cooking time to 10 minutes per inch of thickness [3/4 inch equals 8 minutes].