Savory Salmon

May 22, 2013 in Seasonal Wild Catch

Otolith Sustainable Seafood is proud to offer an all natural, hickory smoked Coho for your eating pleasure. This Coho is locally smoked with organic sugar and sea salt at Sugartown Smoked Specialties out of West Chester PA. This ready to eat, savory delicacy is made with 100% Otolith Wild Coho Salmon and is as healthful as it is nutritious.

One of Otolith’s favorite ways to enjoy Wild Smoked Coho Salmon is straight out of the pack! Let’s face it, some nights you just don’t feel like cooking, and on those nights there is nothing better than some savory smoked salmon.  It’s also an excellent choice to bring to friends and family – no preparation or work necessary.  It makes delicious appetizers or is awesome on a bagel with cream cheese.  You can order smoked Coho directly from Otolith or pick some up at any of the farmers’ markets where we participate.