Everyday King Salmon, $22.50/lb

September 10, 2013 in Seasonal Wild Catch

For many, fall may be the busiest season of the year.  As we return home to seize the reigns of responsibility, work and  familial commitments or grow our businesses, the 2014 wild summer salmon harvest is here to remind us why we appreciate of our lives, family, friends, culture and work.  Freshly harvested summer salmon tastes as good as it looks.  It is packed with essential omega 3’s that we have come to know and value.  Its color is a vivid reminder of the the complexity and beauty of the natural world.  And we once again begin return to the weekly ritual of deliciously prepared wild salmon that has been sourced for you by Otolith Sustainable Seafood.  If you haven’t tried Otolith’s 2014 recent harvest wild salmon yet, you may want to do it now.

Let’s take time to treat ourselves to the superior flavor of wild king salmon and the natural beauty and flavor of nature’s wildly abundant coho salmon!

This fall is all about exceptional flavor and minimal effort.  Wild salmon can be seasoned with just a light dusting of dry mustard before cooking.  Dry mustard is an easy way to enhance the rich goodness of wild salmon because it adds a bit of spicy flavor with a tangy finish that contrasts the sweet flavors of wild salmon balanced by its healthful omega-3 fats.

Barbeque sauce provides another way to add tang and spice to wild salmon. It can be used on the grill or on the stove top.  Salmon fillets may be basted with barbeque sauce during the last 3 minutes of cooking to avoid burning any sugars in the sauce.

Of course for bigger flavor, you may add both!