Once landed at the dock, Otolith’s wild domestic fish is filleted, vacuum sealed and blast-frozen to create convenient sushi-grade average weight 3/4-1 lb portions.*

All available fish and shellfish is sold by the pound and priced as shown per pound

Halibut – [avg wt. 1 lb] $28.00
Halibut Cheeks – [1 lbs vac/pac] N/A
Sablefish – [avg wt 1/2 – 3/4 lbs] $25.00
Lingcod – [avg wt 3/4 – 1 lb] $20.00
Rockfish – [avg wt 3/4 – 1 lbs] $16.99
Rockfish – whole fillet [avg wt 1.5 lb] $14.00
 Oysters –   100 ct   minimum  order  required $100.00
Spot Prawns -16-20 ct, 1 lb packs IQF Tails $25.00
Spot Prawns – 16-20 ct, 2.25 lb packs IQF Tails $25.00
Side Stripe Shrimp –  25-30 ct, 1 lb packs IQF Tails N/A
Dungeness Crab – 1.5 lb packs IQF Clusters $17.00
Red King Crab – 2 lb packs IQF Half Crab Clusters $40.00
Blue King Crab – N/A N/A
Golden King Crab – N/A N/A
RED King Salmon – [avg wt 1/2 – 3/4 lbs] N/A
WHITE King Salmon – [whole filet/special order] N/A
Sockeye Salmon – [avg. wt. 3/4-1 lb portions] PBI $19.50
Coho Salmon – [avg wt 1/2 – 1  lbs] fillet portions PBI $16.50
Sockeye Salmon Whole Fillet [Avg wt 2 lb] $17.50
Octopus – N/A N/A
Sockeye Cans  – 7.5oz   Case of 6 $30
Smoked Sablefish – PBI  [3/4 – 1 lb packs] $30.00
Smoked Sockeye  – [avg. wt. 1/2 lb packs] original $30.00
Smoked King –   1/2 lb packs $37.00
Smoked Coho 1/2 lb packs $25.00
Ikura Caviar – 4oz. Jar $17 each

Prices and availability are subject to change.  *Otolith’s fish and shellfish are average weight 3/4-1 lb vacuum sealed packs unless specified.

Spot Prawns $25/lb [16-20 ct]

Difficult to source and harder still to harvest, Spot Prawns are a uniquely scrumptious wild shellfi

7.5 oz Sockeye Salmon Cans

Straight from Southeast Alaska, these 7.5 oz pressure cooked cans of sockeye wild salmon are the ape

White King Salmon, Sablefish, Rockfish and Halibut

Contact Otolith to place an order today for your superior white king salmon, halibut, sablefish and

Halibut $28/lb

Contact Otolith to place an order today for your FREE delivery of superior wild seafood. Or spend le

The King is Back

King Salmon $33/lb Harvested in May 2020 from the waters of Ketchikan and surrounds in Southeast Al

Indulge with Elegant Ikura

  Delicious alone and a perfect accompaniment to butter toast and creme fraiche* with horse rad

Sockeye Wild Salmon Whole Fillet 2018 Harvest

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US Bering Sea Red King Crab

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Coho Wild Salmon Continues to Capture EU Markets

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Ikura Caviar Anyone? $16 per 4oz. jar

Otolith’s superior Ikura caviar expertly brined in southeast Alaska is available for a limited