Once landed at the dock, Otolith’s wild domestic fish is filleted, vacuum sealed and blast-frozen to create convenient sushi-grade average weight 3/4-1 lb portions.*

All available fish and shellfish is sold by the pound and priced as shown per pound

Halibut – [avg wt. 1 lb] $29.99
Halibut Cheeks – [1 lbs vac/pac] N/A
Sablefish – [avg wt 3/4 – 1 lbs] $25.00
Lingcod – [avg wt 3/4 lb – 1lb]  $25.50
Rockfish – [avg wt 1/2 – 3/4 lbs] $16.99
Rockfish – whole fillet [avg wt 1.5 lb] N/A
 Oysters –   100 ct   minimum  order  required $100.00
Spot Prawns -20 ct, 1 lb packs IQF Tails N/A
Spot Prawns – 16-20 ct, 2.25 lb packs IQF Tails N/A
Side Stripe Shrimp –  25-30 ct, 1 lb packs IQF Tails $16.99
Dungeness Crab – 1.5/3.0  lb packs IQF Clusters $27.99
Red King Crab – 2 lb packs IQF Half Crab Clusters N/A
Blue King Crab – N/A N/A
Golden King Crab – N/A N/A
RED King Salmon – [avg wt 1/2 – 3/4 lbs] $35.99
WHITE King Salmon – [whole filet/3/4 lb portions] $35.99
Sockeye Salmon – [avg. wt. 3/4-1 lb portions] PBI $21.99
Coho Salmon – [avg wt 1/2 – 1  lbs] fillet portions PBI $16.99
Sockeye Salmon Whole Fillet [Avg wt 1.5 lb] N/A
King Salmon Heads  $3.50
Sockeye Cans  – 7.5oz   Case of 6 N/A
Smoked Sablefish – PBI  [3/4 – 1 lb packs] N/A
Smoked Sockeye  – [avg. wt. 1/2 lb packs] original N/A
Smoked King –  1/2 lb packs N/A
Smoked Coho traditional, cajun, pepper 1/2 lb packs $25.00
Ikura Caviar – 4oz. jar pink salmon roe $20 each

Prices and availability are subject to change.  *Otolith’s fish and shellfish are average weight 3/4-1 lb vacuum sealed packs unless specified.

Join CSS King Salmon, Sockeye and Coho Salmon!

Order NOW!  sockeye, coho and king salmon portions from Community Supported Community S

Sidestripe Shrimp $16.99/lb

Contact Otolith to place an order today for your FREE delivery of superior wild seafood. Or spend le

Sablefish $25, Rockfish $16.99 and Halibut $29.99

Contact Otolith to place an order today for your superior halibut, sablefish and rockfish fillets. R

Spot Prawns $27.99/lb [16-20 ct]

Difficult to source and harder still to harvest, Spot Prawns are a uniquely scrumptious wild shellfi

Halibut $29.99/lb

Contact Otolith to place an order today for your home delivery of superior wild seafood. Retail Pric

The King is Back

King Salmon $35.99/lb Harvested in from the waters of Petersburg and surrounds in Southeast Alaska,

Indulge with Elegant Ikura

  Delicious alone and a perfect accompaniment to butter toast and creme fraiche* with horse rad

Sockeye Wild Salmon Whole Fillet 2018 Harvest

For a limited time Otolith Sustainable Seafood has 2018 wild sockeye salmon whole fillets available

US Bering Sea Red King Crab

Purchase Otolith’s freshly harvested domestic #1 Red King Crab for only $33/lb.  Otolith̵

Coho Wild Salmon Continues to Capture EU Markets

For centuries longer [than the US] entire nations have depended on their wild seafood resources whil