Flavor & Texture

 • Delicate mild flavor  

• White to ivory color 

• Supple flaky texture 


Harvest Area: Southeast Alaska and Gulf of Alaska

Gear Type: Conventional Longline

Primary Fishery Management: Int’l Pacific Halibut Commission

Harvest Season: Primarily April through mid-November



  • Avoid using acidity or salt before cooking halibut as these ingredients tend to pull the subtle richness and juiciness of the omega-s fats from the fish. Acidity and salt may be used to enhance flavor after cooking while the fillet rests before serving.
  • Pan Sear: On medium heat, using a generously oiled skillet sear the fillet on each side just long enough until the fillet lifts easily without much effort.  Recommended cooking time is approximately 10 minutes per inch of thickness for a  thawed fillet at room temperature. Remove halibut from skillet and rest cooked fillet 2-4 minutes before serving.
  • Bake: 325ºF for 20 minutes per inch of thickness.  To maintain juicy texture of halibut while baking or grilling trap moisture in the fillet by either creating a pouch around the fillet using parchment, or covering fillet with sauteed vegetables before baking, or baking fillet in a warm broth or poaching liquid.  Halibut likes added saturated fats  to contrast its clean flavor and assist its absorption of  nutrients from added vegetables and seasoning. Remove halibut from baking pan or dish and rest cooked fillet 2-4 minutes before serving.
  • Grill: 400ºF indirect flame with grill cover closed cook for 12 minutes per inch of fillet thickness.  1/2 inch fillet cooks in 6 minutes.  Coat halibut generously with oil to prevent sticking, its not necessary to flip halibut while grilling. Remove fillet from heat and rest 4 minutes before serving.


Amanda’s Recipe Suggestions

Halibut is a wonderful white canvas with excellent texture to present the colors and flavors of accompanying ingredients.

Lemon Butter Halibut Recipe: sear halibut in butter with lemon zest of one lemon, cappers and shallots.  Using lemon zest, course black pepper and tiny bit of oil I coat the thawed halibut and set aside until I am ready to cook.  First I saute chopped shallots and capers in butter until soft then I add the halibut drectlyto the pan pushing shallots and capers aside and cover with a lid for 1/2 the cooking time flipping once then covering again for remaining cooking time.  Just before removing the fillet from the hot skillet/pan I add the juice of one lemon and a bit of salt.  Then pour all sauce over serving plate with fillet and rest two minutes! Wonderful with asparagus, arugala salad with lemon and EVOO, or Cesar salad.  For a splash of red color I may roast slices of fresh plum tomatoes and/or red peppers in the oven 400ºF 30 minutes with generous amounts of olive oil, bread crumbs and garlic to serve with fish, salad and bread.

Summer Herbed Halibut Recipe: Using a blender or bullet puree 1/2 garlic clove, 1/4 c. olive oil, small bunch of chopped parsley, smaller bunch of chopped cilantro, juice of one lemon and salt& pepper to taste.  Cook halibut in oil or butter in a skillet or parchment pouch in the oven or grill according to directions above.  Before serving drizzle halibut with puree mixture and rest 2 minutes until done!  Puree mixture should be smooth and creamy in texture without being runny.


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