Alaskan King Cab – Red, Blue or Golden – There’s a CSS for That!

Harvest Area: Bering Sea and Surrounds

Gear Type: Pot Gear

Primary Fishery Management:


Flavor & Texture

  • Luxurious sweet flavor
  • Bright white meat
  • Moist and supple texture


  • Fresh-frozen king crab is best served simply steamed in an arromatic emusion of water and optional seaonings like sea salt, bay leaf, garlic, pepper corn, course vegetable ends, spices, dried peppers, or Old Bay that is essentially a mixture of all recommended seasonings in their dried and ground form in undisclosed proportions.
  • Dungeness crab is ready to eat the moment your olfactory senses [nose] can obviously perceive the distinct oceanlike aroma of the hot fully cooked crab.  A gentle and less obvious subtle scent will difuse into air approximately 5 minutes before the crab is ready to eat.  Careful – crab will be hot!
  • Using crab in paeila or chippino, you may whole add legs or peices of fresh-frozen crab to your main dish while cooking other ingredients.  If you wish to shell crab first then it will be easier to remove the meat from the shell if you steam the crab then shell it, because Otolith’s fresh-frozen crab is partially fully-cooked in order that it is easier to avoid over cooking while heating crab.

Amanda’s Serving Suggestions

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