Smoked Fish

Smoked Sablefish – avg. wt.1.5 lb vac/pac, $31/lb

Smoked King Salmon – avg. wt.1.25 lb vac/pac, $34/lb

Squaw Candy – avg. wt. 1/2 lb vac/pac, $26/lb

Red Lox – avg. wt.1 lb vac/pac, $30/lb

Smoked Red – avg. wt. 1 lb vac/pac, $29/lb

Harvest Area: All of Otolith’s smoked fish is harvested in Southeast Alaska.

Smoking Process:  Otolith’s smoked ish does not contain any nitrates or additives.  Our ingredients are always fish, salt, and wood smoke [sugar and soy sauce in Squaw Candy only].

Primary Fish Management: Alaskan Dept. of Fish and Game

Harvest Season: Primarily Mid-June through August

Smoking Seasonality:  Our fish is usually smoked in November using only fish from the current year’s harvest.

Use Otolith’s links above or the dropdown menu [Smoked Fish-Smoked Sablefish-Smoked King Salmon-Squaw Candy-Red Lox-Smoked Red] to learn more about the unique qualities of each smoked delicacy.

Check out our blog for an awesome recipe for any smoked fish!


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