Let Otolith's Wild Seafood Work for Your Business. Delivery is available weekly on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Your business is guaranteed fast and efficient service while Otolith's representative stocks and rotates your Otolith product inventory. Orders may be placed up to the day before delivery for most locations.

Otolith fish has more value and tastes better than traditional fish counter seafood. By becoming a recognized seller of Otolith’s products your business can reduce seafood waste and loss of product value, thus saving your business money while earning more money for your business too. Otolith’s sushi grade wild fish is sourced seasonally from registered domestic harvesters using hook and line gear and is always blast-frozen in the USA.  One fish one hook makes a world of difference as we unite together in the interest of eliminating the collateral damage of many commercially caught fish.

Contact sales@otolithonline.com to place your order with Otolith Sustainable Seafood.  Calls made to 215-426-4266 will returned within 24 hours.